Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee, LPC-E

Life can get hard, no matter how old you are or how “great” you appear to have it. Navigating through daily stressors can take a toll on you, and make it hard to concentrate at work and(or) school, communicate with your family and friends, and do the things you usually love. These stressors can include relationship concerns, peer conflicts, parental conflicts/difficulties, continuing to make“bad” decisions; unresolved childhood concerns, un-fulfillment at work, or difficulties dealing with past trauma.

Maybe you’re a teen girl who is tired of the pressure from school, your friends, and your parents. You are in need of a safe space to discuss your concerns and want to learn ways to help you succeed and manage everything you have going on. Or you’re a woman in her mid twenties to thirties who needs help managing your emotions and working through the stressors of adult romantic relationships; microaggressions and unrealistic expectations at work; or just need someone to help create quiet noise in that busy head of yours. I am here to help you process your emotions and sort through any anxious feelings they may cause, by providing you with strategies and resources for your success.   

I have dedicated more than 13 years towards women empowerment, youth development, life enhancement, strengthening families, and guiding adolescent girls toward their light.  My purpose is to help girls and women realize their true worth, fall madly in love with themselves from the inside out, and make choices that align with their passions and full potential.

I am currently accepting new clients and would love to work with you or your adolescent daughter.  Servicing others is a gift and a passion. I genuinely want everyone to succeed. Let’s get started on your mental health success!

I do not accept insurance, but self-pay rates start at $40.



  • Women Issues

  • Teen/Adolescent girl concerns

  • Family issues

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Self-Esteem

  • Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Anger Management

  • Mood Disorders

  • Relationship concerns


  • Education Achievement